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Okay, maybe I'm a LITTLE stupid....

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  • Okay, maybe I'm a LITTLE stupid....

    Okay, maybe I'm a little stupid but I can't find anything on the FTDNA pages about how to obtain an upgrade. Say, a 12 to 37 marker upgrade. I was told over the telephone by FTDNA that the only way you can upgrade is to log in with your kit and password information and then you will be directed to the upgrade test procedures (and prices)
    That's all well and good, but supposing you don't know the procedure about upgrading. you will never find it just looking around the main pages (at least I couldn't find it).
    I upgraded quite a while ago, and, although I may be wrong, I believe I upgraded from a test list at my surname site. Is this a new procedure that isn't being explained very well or am I missing something?

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    Open your "MyFTDNA" page -> "Order Tests & Upgrades" link (left column) -> "Standard Orders:" link -> Choose your upgrade "Type of Test" and press "Continue" button


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      Thanks for trying to help me Ryschev, but I think you made my point.
      Where do I find "myftdna"?
      I searched the main FTDNA page and couldn't find any directions to it.
      Must I log in (kit and password information) before the "myftdna" appears?
      I guess my point is why is FTDNA making it so difficult to find the upgrade page? I'm not implying that it's not there.
      If one has not been at the FTDNA site for a year or so it's not obvious where to find it.
      Thanks again for answering.


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        MyFTDNA is your personal page. Go to the main FTDNA page, and at the top right, you'll see the fields to log in. If you don't remember your password, there's a link to retrieve it.

        After you are logged in to MyFTDNA, you'll see the Orders Tests and Upgrades link.

        Only existing customers can order upgrades, so the upgrade info is only viewable while logged in to your MyFTDNA account.