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Dating Your DNA-A new site!!!!!!

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  • Dating Your DNA-A new site!!!!!!

    I saw this today Dec. 13,2007, when visiting MSN's home page ,to read the news. Under top searches was this: Dating DNA.
    I was wondering if the world would ever try this,but the site claims it can do it-find you a genetic match to try.

    Here is the URL.

    It is an added idea and option-I'd like to see all sorts of options and channnels available for experimentation and scientific and societal advancement.Or just for a thought ,or just to say you can,or tried it.

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    Are you going to try it?


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      Not DNA dating ,but ODOR Dating

      Originally posted by haplogroupc
      Are you going to try it?

      Actually I don't feel like it ( right now),but it would be nice to have that as an option.

      Actually,after I visited the site it says that they are not matching genes ,but ARE using DNA to find the Opposite body odor ,which they believe ,will better relationships. The site does not say anything about people being offered their own tribal DNA to date. OH well,maybe in the future.......