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The Dark Germans

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  • The Dark Germans

    Has anyone heard of the dark Germans? By this I am not talking about the olive skinned types found in the Rhine area thought to be descended from Roman Legionnaires or southern Germans, Tyroleans etc.

    I am also not talking about the mixed Germans of the Rhine who are descended from the French colonial Senegalese occupation troops of the 20's.

    I am talking about those Germans from the North, such as the Hamburg and Niedersachsen area who seem to have distincly african features, but are for all intents and purposes ethnically German and have been German for untold number of generations.

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    RE Dark Germans

    Hamburg is the German portal to the rest of the world. So just about every variety of Human must have arrived on ships, if for no other reason than "trophy wives." But DNA testing will eventually reveal dark secrets, I would think.