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Y-DNA J1 with DYS388=13

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  • Y-DNA J1 with DYS388=13

    Sharing my research of a comparatively rare type.

    I'm now aware of at least 48 cases of Y-DNA J1 with DYS388=13.

    J1 with DYS388=13 is a distinctive type of Y-DNA J1 which apparently originated about 11,000 to 13,000 years ago in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains of southeast Turkey or the adjacent Zagros Mountains of Iran.

    For the rationale behind the identification of this area as the place of origin of J1 with DYS388=13, see the academic paper at , and the conference presentation summary at .

    For a list of archaeological sites contemporary with the time of origin of J1 with DYS388=13, see the section "Upper Tigris basin" at .

    J1 with DYS388=13 is not associated with any particular ethnicity or religion. Its place of origin is beyond the area associated with Arabs and Jews, and almost no cases of this type have been found among those populations. In its home region, J1 with DYS388=13 has been found among Turks, Greeks, Kurds, Assyrians, and several ethnic groups in the Caucasus. A handful of cases have also been found in Europe.

    Here is a summary of where J1 w/DYS388=13 has been found. currently has at least 21 cases, some of which are shown as J or Unknown but are probably J1, with these places of origin:

    Sivas, Turkey
    Elazig, Turkey
    Trabzon, Turkey (an ethnic Greek)
    Pontus (NE coast of Turkey) (an ethnic Greek)
    Semdinli, Turkey (Assyrian)
    Kalymnos, a Greek island off the coast of Turkey
    Astarabad, Iran
    Germany (two unrelated cases)
    Bavaria, Germany
    Southern Ukraine
    Sicily (two cases)
    Syria (Arab Byzantine Christian)
    Poland (two unrelated cases)
    Slovakia, near the Polish border
    two American cases of unknown origin
    one case with no geographical information

    The Czech DNA Project at has one case from an area of Moravia which was settled by Wallachians from the Balkans.

    Also, academic papers by Cinnioglu et al., Bosch et al., Nebel et al., Sengupta et al., and Zerjal et al. report cases of J1 w/DYS388=13 in:

    Istanbul, Turkey
    Sea of Marmara area, Turkey
    Northeast Turkey
    Eastern Turkey
    Central Turkey
    Ploiesti, Romania
    Southern Pakistan (Sindhi)
    Bedouin from the Negev
    Palestinian Arab
    Kurdish Muslims and Jews from Iraq
    Azerbaijan, ethnic Azeri
    Russian Republic of Dagestan in the Caucasus, ethnic Lezgi or Lezginian

    The database at has several possible cases from the northeast Caucasus, and two from southern Poland, but as they do not show a value for DYS388 they cannot be counted.

    Six other likely cases from Moldova are noted in an academic paper by Varzani, "Population history of the DniesterCarpathians: evidence from Alu markers" (see ), but no value for DYS388 is shown.

    The presence of J1 w/DYS388=13 in Greece probably reflects movement among Greek colonies during the Greek empire, with one recent displacement.

    The rare presence of this type elsewhere in Europe probably also started with movement to the north shore of the Black Sea during the Greek era, because none of these northern cases has a recent match in the area of origin. The Czech and Slovak cases are definitely associated with Wallachians or Vlachs who moved from Romania northwest along the Carpathians in the 1400s and 1500s.

    J1 w/DYS388=13
    the Slovak case