I asked Max for permission to make a one-time formal announcement in this forum regarding my new DNA testing related online business venture and he said it was OK.

I am pleased to announce my DNA testing related product line for the DNA testing after market. Since I retired in 2002 this will probably be a post-retirement, part-time, small-scale, on-line business. But I thought I would give my idea a whirl. The first item is a mtDNA Haplogroup DNA Pin. You have your mtDNA test certificate and know your mtDNA haplogroup. Now you can get a nice lapel pin to display it personally, if so desired. A great conversation starter at genealogy meetings. And a great gift for mom too. Here is the link for more information on the pin:


The round mtDNA Haplogroup Pin is available now. A Y-DNA Haplogroup version, which will be square, is in process and should be available in 60-90 days.

Comments about the idea are welcome but it would probably be best to contact me directly off the forum, via email, if you have further interest in the products or venture. Thank you.

Charles Kerchner