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R1b1c10 found in Ireland

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  • R1b1c10 found in Ireland


    I am not sure if more English or more Irish have tested for S28. However, while there have been perhaps 10% of English R1b1c who have tested S28+, until today no one of Irish descent.

    Ysearch 9KDAF has a very Irish surname, with a long lineage. Some would assert that this is evidence for the longevity of S28 in Ireland - but one single sample in two years of testing does not support this hypothesis. The situation with R1a1 in Ireland is similar - very rare, but doubtless of Norse origin (matching known Norse or Norse colonial haplotypes). It is possible, due to the prominence of this family, that we are seeing something comparable to Somerled, the Norse progenitor of the R1a1 McDonald clan in Scotland. R1b1c10 is found in SE Norway.

    9KDAF's motif is Eastern and Central European with DYS492=14 found in Southern Germany, Italy and Latvia for example - but not England to date.

    This is a very interesting development.

    Another R1b1c10 was also reported on tonight - G547U with the earliest known ancestor from Canada but with a surname typical of the Border Reivers of Northumberland County England.

    If you have tested S28+ recently, kindly inform me by e-mail providing me with your Ysearch number so that I can add you to the R1b1c10 database at