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  • Help!!!

    I need help finding the history of DNA can anyone help me ?

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    Re: Help!!!

    James Watson, co-discoverer of the double helix structure of DNA and Nobel prizewinner, wrote a book released in 2003 called "DNA The Secret of Life". It gives a pretty comprehensive history of genetics and DNA up until the present.

    There is also a TV series made by Channel Four in the UK in association with the book. I have no idea what the distribution of this series is in other countries except that it will be shown in Australia this year.


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      The history of DNA is being re-writen now. do a simple Yahoo search on the new role of RNA.

      ORIGINAL DNA PAPER! Neat Stuff!

      A history site:


      Want to get an "A"? Tell them Pauling was partialy right...Dna CAN have a triple helix!

      "Dr. Allemand and his colleagues have identified a helical form of DNA, termed P-DNA, that shares with the Pauling-Corey model the feature of having the phosphate backbone on the inside of the structure and the bases exposed. The authors propose that this form of DNA may occur during DNA replication and transcription."

      Did you realize how fun it is to do school reports from the internet???

      when I was growing up, I may not of had to trudge through six feet of snow to walk 6 miles to school, but I did have to rip off an encyclopedia or two... Can you say boooring? And one sided!