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MCRA Equal Across All Haplogroups?

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  • MCRA Equal Across All Haplogroups?

    I am curious if there might be haplogroups which yield inaccurate results using a MCRA utility. My curiosity arises because my uncle has a 66/67 marker match with a different surname individual at FTDNA, a 37/37 match with yet another different surname individual at Sorenson, and two 42/43 marker matches with still another different surname at Relative Genetics. I will discount the 25/25 marker match I found on a dna project website with yet another different surname as being an insufficient number of markers tested. The MCRA in each of these cases is purported to be within about 5 generations which is unlikely given what is known about each surname history.

    My uncle's Haplotype is I1a. Sorenson and Relative Genetic both require a conversion to some markers to be able to compare the data to results from FTDNA. Perhaps the conversion factor should be tuned to each different haplogroup. It is just hard to believe the my uncle would match three different surnames to the extent that he does with this many markers.

    So my question would be does a MCRA utility need to be tuned to specific haplogroups, does the conversion factor at the different test facilities require tuning for different haplogroups to enter in data from other facilities, or finally is there just something different about haplogroup I1a?