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  • List of SNP's FTDNA tests for

    I'm trying to find a complete list of all SNP's FTDNA tests for. No luck. Also, I presume that regardless of wether you order the 12, 37, or 67 marker test, the number of SNP's they test doesn't change.

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    This page - - lists the SNPs included in the deep clade test for the various major European haplogroups. That's probably all the SNPs they test for, unless someone convinces them to do a custom SNP test.

    You are correct that the SNP tests have nothing to do with how many y-str markers have been tested (12, 25, 37 or 67). A deep clade test will test for all the SNPs included in the haplogroup for which the customer has been predicted, which doesn't depend on the number of markers tested.


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      I hope staff will read this, because it's free feedback from a serious person who isn't exactly dumb regarding genetics, and yet I got stumped.

      I looked at and didn't find any reference to a deep clade test. I then read at the deepclade webpage that it's offered to customers who have already tested with FTDNA. I couldn't know this until I already payed and tested for the 12, 37, or 67 STR marker test, as the link to the deepclade test webpage is not found in the home or pricing webpages. And in the description of these 12/37/67 marker tests there is no mention at all regarding wether SNPs are or aren't tested. Since I didn't know about the deepclade test, and I couldn't have until I became a customer, I had to go by what I knew, and since obviously genetics testing companies test for SNPs, I presumed that one, some, or all of these y-dna tests in the pricing webpage had to test for SNPs. I think this is something significant to clarify in the description webpage where you talk about what each test provides:

      To summarize, a new customer can't know that there is a deepclade test until after he becomes a customer. What he knows before paying for anything is what's listed in the pricing page. The pricing page doesn't talk about SNP testing, but the customer, if he knows anything about genetics, obviously knows that a genetics testing company has to offer SNP testing. So, many of the people who look at that webpage will probably conclude, as I did, that testing of the SNPs is included in the 12, 37, or 67 STR marker tests, because they can't find any reference to SNP testing anywhere on the pricing page, which he believes is the whole gamut of services offered, and he knows that the company does test for SNPs, so it must be amongst some of these services offered in that page.


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        I think that their rationale probably deals with the question of what haplogroup SNPs will be tested. Obviously, if FTDNA does not have y-str results for a new customer, they have no way of knowing which hapolgroup will be tested for in the deep clade test. It may turn out that the haplotype stumps them and they can't reliably predict the haplogroup. In those cases, the customer gets a free backbone test to establish the haplogroup with confidence.

        It is the case that, once FTDNA either predicts the haplogroup from the y-str marker results with confidence or finds the haplogroup through a free backbone test, the customer's haplogroup page invites him to order the appropriate deep clade test.

        There's a similar situation with haplogroup projects. When someone searches for projects to join, the haplogroup projects never show up. FTDNA correctly assumes that if someone joins a haplogroup project when they order a test kit there's a good chance they'll join a project which is not their haplogroup. Once someone has y-str results, if they do a search from their personal account page for projects to join, the haplogroup projects show up on the results page. Since they know their haplogroup from their y-str markers or a backbone test, they're then in a position to choose to join an appropriate haplogroup project.

        Just imagine the mess if FTDNA didn't do things this way. People who have no idea what their haplogroup is order a deep clade test which is worthless to them. Then FTDNA has to refund the money or have an e-mail exchange with the (probably) newbie customer telling him they have to change the deep clade test to another one, say G instead of R1b. You're looking at this from the viewpoint of somebody who already knows their haplogroup and what a subclade is, while FTDNA is looking at it from the viewpoint of many, if not most, of their customers who don't have some basic knowledge that they need to choose what tests to order.


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          I understand what you're saying but what I was getting at is that a new customer who doesn't know his haplogroup but knows enough about genetics to understand that these companies test for STRs and SNPs, will look at the pricing webpage and be confused because he won't find any service offering SNP testing, so he will probably assume it's implied in one of the 12/37/67 marker tests.

          In my case, I read all the services offered on that webpage thinking one of them had to say something about SNP testing, and after reading all of them and finding no explicit mention of SNP testing, I assumed that it must be included in the common STR tests, because I knew for a fact, from reading the forums, that FTDNA tests for SNPs.

          I think a description of the process should be included in the pricing webpage. For example: "The 12/37/67 marker tests only test for STRs. Once these are determined, FTDNA will attempt to predict which haplogroup you belong to based on these results. You can then also pay for a deepclade test, which will test all the necessary SNPs that FTDNA currently offers to reliably determine your haplogroup and sub-haplogroup."


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            Your last paragraph is a good suggestion, Argiedude. I'll be at the FTDNA conference next weekend and participating in the "FTDNA Website Usability" workshop. I'll bring up your proposed wording for their pricing page.