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Do any of you have matches to South Asia?

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  • Do any of you have matches to South Asia?

    I just want to compare my Mum's South Asian matches from AbDNA Euro 1.0 and DNATribes with any other people who have got scores from this region.
    I want to see whether Mum's scores are average or not.
    She got 22% South Asian on the Euro 1.0 and matches to Indian Malaysia (0.71) 56.81 on Global and Northern India (0.78) 22.68 and India (0.39) 6.60 on her World match with DNATribes.
    She is 50% English 50% Unknown American. I want to try and see whether these scores are picking up something from her US side.
    If you have an matches on either test to India or South Asia I'd love to hear from you, with a rough idea of your known ancestry if possible!
    Many thanks!
    Feel free to PM me if you don't want to post here!