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Haplogroup G, wondering and questions

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    Welcome to the G family

    Consider yourself very fortunate to be included in the G Haplogroup. We represent a very small portion of Europe. That is a blessing because as a small group our task of tracing our heritage is of manageable size. In England only 2-3% of the population is G haplotype. It is only on the Steeps of Russia in the southern portion of Georgia and north of the Black Sea where we find a concentration of G haploytypes. There 75% of the population is of G haplotype. It was the homeland for the Scythians and Sarmatians who were great horsemen and Archers. When Rome conquered this area they impressed the Scythian warriors into the Roman Legions and utilized them as their Calvary units. In their invasion into England they brought along 8,000 Scaythian Calvary. Thus to a large extent it formed the basis of what we see today in England’s G descendants who come from those Scythian warriors. The same could be true for Denmark.

    We are also blessed in having several members of this group who are serious scientist and students of our unique Haplotype. They are doing an incredible job of scientifically reconnecting our past history. I would suggest visiting Ray Banks web site

    I would also like to reaffirm what several respondents have said before. I would believe the Whit’s predictor is correct and you are a G2. If I were to spend any more money on testing it will be immensely more informative to expand the number of markers to 67 from your current level of12. For the G haplotype group you will find this a much greater benefit than taking a deep subclade test.

    Good Luck and welcome to the G family

    Doug Gill
    DU4TY Y search.