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    About how long does it take to get results back from the labs? I sent one in the middle part of December and was just curious as to the time frame that it takes for the tests to be done and evauluated, before the results were sent.

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    The lab was closed December 19, 2003 through December 28, 2003. The lab is at the University of Arizona so when they are closed the lab is closed. When they reopen it will take a while for things to get back to normal. Anything that was received by FTDNA during that time and anything in the lab during that time will be delayed.

    It also depends on which test(s) you ordered. The 12 marker Y-DNA takes about four weeks, the others take longer. The DNA Prints seem to be taking forever. The lab that is doing them changed their process and I don't know if they have started sending out results or not.

    Problems can occur with the processing of any kit. A member of my group returned a 25 marker Y-DNA kit on 10/29/03. We received the results of the first 12 markers on 12/10/03. We still don't have the results on the other 13 markers. I contacted FTDNA yesterday asking when we could expect the results. I was told the lab started up again the first of this week. No indication was given as to when we should expect the rest of the results for the kit. I'm not happy!

    Based on my results, no one can tell you exactly how long it will take.


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      I sent in for the 25 marker so guess I will have to wait at least the four weeks if not more then. Thank you for your reply and your answers do help. I did a check on the site and it just states that the kit has not been recieved yet, so hoping that it is just the delay in being closed that they have just not gotten around to posting that they were recieved and that it was not lost in all the Christmas mails.


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        I had a member send in a kit after Christmas and it shows as having been received.