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Ancestral DNA and Diseases

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  • Ancestral DNA and Diseases

    What if you WANT to know? IS there any way to know if your haplogroup tend's to have any particular disease? They ought to list those too ,so you can both be aware AND prove you have it. I have genes for Celiac wheat intolerance and I'm sure other K's do too since it is racial and inherited.Now I wonder if I have Gaucher's Disease where fat piles up in you white blood cells,it too is inherited,but any one tribe can get it,some African Americans tribes have it, many Jews have it,and a group in Sweden has it. But other than that it's considered a rare disease....but it's very hard to get anyone to diagnose you for if you can prove your race or tribe carries it than maybe you can get it diagnosed,as some labs will take you if you can prove your ethnic group has it.

    Celiac which I mentioned above is racial even though people like to say it isn't -you have to be Scandinavian or Mediterranean to inherit the main forms like I have,even though only a low percentage of those people have it. You can inherit one form or both if you are mixed.
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