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65/67 match but with different surnames

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    I think that DNA testing is going to provide an interesting vista for visualizing our position in the structure of society.
    In order to research my mother's paternal lineage, we tested her brother's DNA. I had always perceived my maternal grandfather's line as being very straightforward, father to son, all carrying the same surname.
    Immediately after testing with FTDNA, we were presented with a different surname match which ultimately ended up being a 66/67 match with a GD of 3, as well as a couple of same surname matches. Going to different DNA databases, we found other different surname matches of significant factor. One database yielded a match of 37/37 GD of 0, and yet another database yielded two different surname matches of 34/34 GD of 0.
    This makes so far three different surname matches which could be significant.
    In trying find where these connections might have occurred, it finally dawned on me that there may have just been one connection to a different surname for my maternal grandfather's line. The other surname connections may have occurred between the other surname families.
    While in the end we are all one big genetic family, there may be no method to connect my uncles DNA to one or more of the different surname matches.
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      Originally posted by TSBinLV
      ...We also have some talented paper researchers looking into where these two groups may have intermixed. They have already found some evidence of two men with surnames Dowell and Martin owning property adjacent to each other in early VA at about the time when the paper trail for this Dowell cluster ends. This suggests maybe a Dowell daughter having a Martin child and the child keeping the mother's last name - although any number of scenarios are possible. Our researchers have noticed that the name Martin is used a lot in this Dowell cluster as a middle name.
      Keeping a family name 'alive' by 'adopting' a surname could be another explanation.


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        Originally posted by tomcat
        Keeping a family name 'alive' by 'adopting' a surname could be another explanation.
        I'm not sure what you mean by this....


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          67 match with several surnames

          I like many dna-genealogists out there have many matches with several
          surnames not of my family surname. but early on in my research I found
          many reason for a man to change his name, but not realizing that his DNA
          doesn't with it. I am not sensitive to the fact that I have a surname not
          matching with my family bloodline but have learned much by my research
          as I am also still learning so keep an open mind whenever you run in to
          this situation, John in Ks