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cancer, radiation, and DNA

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  • cancer, radiation, and DNA

    LIke many others, I originally got interested in genetic genealogy
    through the Genographic Project. I had my 12 marker data uploaded to
    FTDNA, and I'm 2KECY on ysearch. This spring I bought FTDNA's SuperDNA
    package for my Dad. So we now have his 67 marker Y data and FGS mito
    data. He's R7NEG at ysearch and mitosearch. I have since ordered R1b
    deep clade tests for us both. We are R1b1c, negative for c1 through

    He and I both have hundreds of 12/12 matches on ysearch, but he has
    nothing really close at any higher resolution. Nearest GD at 25
    markers is around 10, nearest at 67 is 16. Dr. McEwan says his Y
    haplotype is "unusual," not really close to any of his R1b clusters.
    In particular he mentioned the 12,12 at 454 and 455 as being very
    unusual for R1b1c.

    So far I have not been in any hurry to extend my Y markers on the
    assumption that they would be identical to Dad's, or at least very,
    very close. But a thought has just occurred to me. Dad was diagnosed
    with prostate cancer in 2000, and underwent radiation therapy that
    summer. Is it possible that may have altered his DNA? Could that
    explain his "unusual" haplotype?