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Chinese Turkestan misread as Native American?

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    Originally posted by R2-D2
    Thanks for the info. The CD has the 175 markers on it right? Aren't all of these autosomal tests based on the respective company's database of populations? DNA Tribes only has one of my First Nations listed. They don't seem to have a lot of North American First Nations in their database. Where would I plug in these FTDNA CODIS markers to find out what they mean?
    I had posted my markers on the forum. I tried to do Ensfi & Omnipop (can't open it). Tomcat has said that a few of my markers are very Indio (Native American).
    Maybe a thread just for Amerind markers would be good. List what the markers are, then everyone can compare their markers to the list.


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      Originally posted by haplogroupc
      Who else? Me. I got 60 percent Native American on ABDNA and no Native American matches on DNA Tribes. My highest scores were Austria, Belorussian, Bavarian and Swiss. I don't know my European ancestry so those could be right, or not. But I did get a top score of Mestizo in the World Region.
      WOW! Yours is higher than mine, and you had no DNA Tribes matches?!? That is amazing. How can that be? At least I'm not the only one then. I feel better now. Thanks for telling me. Makes me want a refund of what I paid to DNATribes. My World Region Mestizo score is 0.64.
      My top World Region changed with each report. I've had 3. The original was Finno-Ugric, the first update was Northwest European, the 2nd update says North African. But all the Amerind categories and Mestizo are below 1.0.
      Do you know for sure you are Native American? I don't match Cree or Apache or Sioux. You don't match those either? Did you get the extended report too or only the top 20? 60% should have given you top matches with the various Amerind populations.
      I'm wondering, if I really am 17% NA, but I'm not matching only because the 'tribe(s)' I descend from aren't in their database. Just like I know I am of mostly English descent, but I have no English matches because DNATribes doesn't have English in their database.
      Is AncestryByDna more reliable than DNA Tribes? Or the other way around?
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