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  • Ancestry By DNA test

    I took an mtDNA "Ancestry By DNA" test and was told that I am 56 percent Native American. Later, I took an mtDNA Native American Verification test from a different company and was told that I have no Native American DNA on my mother’s mother’s side. So, where did the Native American DNA on your test come from? Did it come from my mother’s father? Is the mtDNA test capable of testing a mother's father's side? That’s where I’m confused about the Ancestry By DNA test. Did the test find for a fact that my DNA matches Native American DNA or did it only assume that because I am a Hispanic living near Mexico I must have Native American? Thanks!

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    I meant to say that I took the DNAPrint test, for females. (the certificate says Ancestry By DNA on it).


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      mtDNA verses DNAPrint

      The mtDNA test only test the direct materal line (that is an unbroken line of your mothers mothers mother etc). The DNAPrint theorically looks at all ancestors within the last six generations. Someone else may be able to help explain this more but this is a real quick simple answer.
      Don Potter


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        The DNA Print test gives very rough estimates because its database is still relatively small. However, its Native American database is almost entirely southwestern US/Mexico, so it is more likely to be accurate if that is where your Native American ancestry is from. There is a lot of discussion about this on the [email protected] discussion group. More than you ever want to know. Percentages above 30% are considered significant, so your NA is highly probable, not guaranteed.