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    I know the iceman's mtdna was checked, but has anyone attempted to find the haplotype of his y chromosome? And what about haplotypes of other famous finds, such as Cheddar Man, the ancient dude found in that bog, Kennewick Man? Has Family Tree Dna tried to get samples from these guys to test?

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    Cheddar Man / Kennewick Man

    The DNA of Kennewick Man could not sucessfully be extracted due to technical reasons and contamination by modern DNA (see Stephen Oppenheimer's book "The Real Eve"/page 316). The Cheddar Man is Clan Ursula as per Bryan Sykes book "The Seven Daughters of Eve"/page 212). I've also seen no references to any of the mentioned peoples Y-chromosome haplogroup designations.
    Don Potter


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      Haven't seen any results of Y chromosome testing but ............

      The mtDNA mutations for the Ice Man are 16224 and 16311
      The mtDNA mutations for Cheddar Man are 16270 and 16192



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        The Iceman's mutations 16224 and 16311 make him haplogroup K (or Katrine) and the Cheddar Man's mutation at 16270 make him halogroup U5 (or Ursula). U5 is the oldest of the lines that populated Europe and K is the last prior to the introduction of agriculture from the fertile cresent. The last into Europe was J (Jasmine) which occurred after the development of agriculture. Go to and you'll find what mutations make each group unique.
        Don Potter