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Has anyone had this happen in their REO page?

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  • Has anyone had this happen in their REO page?

    I recently noticed that I have had something strange happen in my REO page.
    For instance, I matched someone in Austria, Russia, Ukraine & Lithuania.
    That's not the unusual part. I had those matches for along time. Now in the comment section it says "Ashkenazi" in it. I know what Ashkenazi means.
    THat's not the question. It just suddenly showed up where it wasn't before.
    I only have ONE match with each of these countries. ONE PERSON. It's just after all this time, suddenly Ashkenazi shows up beside it!
    Has anyone else had something like this happen?
    If so, do you know why?

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    One can post Comments to one's listing. One need only request FTDNA to post your Comment. They feel they cannot solicit information from testees about the testee's ethnic affiliation or, as in the case of Ashkenazi, possible religious affiliation. But if you volunteer such information and ask it be posted as a Comment they will oblige.

    I added 'Ashkenazi' to my Y-R1b1c listing at the urging of another poster who argued for a level of differentiation in a mass of otherwise undifferentiated listings. Whereas all members of any haplogroup may have a general interest in the genetics of their haplogroup, they likely also have a specific, personal interest in the genealogy of their branches of their haplogroup.

    I then added 'Amerind' as a Comment to my Mt-C listing to differentiate my branch of C from that of a Korean, for example.

    Makes it easier to sort the relevance of matches.
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      Thanks Tomcat!
      It just took me by surprise.


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        PS. A Note on Nomenclature

        'Ashkenazi' was a Comment that existed in the listings prior to my invocation of it for my own. The database had results from an 'Ashkenazi' Y study. My request for 'Amerind' appropriated FTDNA's nomenclature from my Mt results. I allowed they could use 'Native American' or whatever fit. They seemed to acknowledge my intent but I don't actually know what they chose.

        One can imagine all sorts of problems arising in the posting of Comments. Perhaps FTDNA should offer some guidance on nomenclature of Comments.


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          I agree, Tomcat. Ftdna needs to explain things like this to people like me. If you know what I mean. I think it's very cool that you were able to influence FTDNA. You know what, I think I'm going to ask them to put "Heinz 57" by MY paternal DNA! I wish It wasn't, because it's so hard to tace down different male donors for all the lines I'm wanting tested. But, I have managed to get more lines tested than most folks, so I know how fortunate I am.