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"sons of Adam" -- how relate to haplogroups

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  • "sons of Adam" -- how relate to haplogroups

    I am reading Brian Sykes book Saxons, Vikings and Celts, and notice that he doesn't deal in haplogroups, but treats Y groups as sons of Adam -- as he treats MtDNA as "Daughters of Eve."

    Is there a way to translate his tribes or clans, Oisin, Wodan, Sigurd, et al., into the haplogroup labels that Family Tree DNA uses?

    In particular, I'd like to know how I1a translates.

    I'm sure there must be quite a back story about these different labeling systems.

    Santa T.

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    There was a thread in the past discussing the Sykes names:

    I think most people here are quite annoyed by these silly names and by the lack of clear statements.

    Also, I have not read the book, but I am not sure that Sykes's hypotheses about the origin of the haplogroup is confirmed by more recent papers.



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      Be creative. As a member of the R1b1c haplogroup I'd like to propose my twig be called the Ricky Ricardo. And given the proliferation of alphanumeric fur growing on Ricky, I propose our motto be "I don thin so, Lucy."