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any surname out there matching may 67 markers?

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  • rivergirl
    Hi Roger,

    Have you compared your markers with those in the British Isles Project, 1 and 2, or the Irish Heritage Project. I guess there is a Scotland project as well.

    Look under Projects; Geographic and Dual Geographic.

    Its amazing how many people only have there matches turned onto the projects they are in, and not the entire FTDNA Database, and dont upload to ysearch.

    You may be able to join the British Isles 2 Project, if you believe you dad was from the UK, but have no exact proof. Try the Irish Heritage as well?

    Good luck

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    Guest started a topic any surname out there matching may 67 markers?

    any surname out there matching may 67 markers?

    Hi Folks:

    I am new to all of this. Like many in the world, I had my 67 markers tested so that I could hopefully find out my family surname. My father ( who I did not know) was given the name "Fuller" which is not his true surname. I have my mother's surname ( Memos). There is a "remote" chance that my grandfather was James B. Mooney ( 1885-1940). Lived in Framingham MA - married Irene Martin ( perhaps my grandmother) Mr. Mooney was born in Armaugh Northern Ireland.

    What I do know is that I am tested R1BIc and that my deep ancestral roots are from Ireland or Scotland. - many believe that I am part of the "South Irish" subclade - so I was hoping that people from this subclade or with any Irish or Scottish surnames could look at my markers and tell me if they see any patterns that might lead me to being part of their surname ( I know its not that simple). I am at a disadvantage because I don't have any relatives on my fathers side that I can ask to be tested.

    My Y search ID is GKCMZ. thanks to all the generous and dedicated experts that have helped me thusfar.

    I know this is a tough challenge - finding my surname without a paper trail - but I am determined to "think positive". I am doing this for my dad - who in 1940 went to the welfare office in Boston to inquire about his heritage. They didn't have any info to give him. How very sad.

    thank you kindly -

    Roger C. Memos