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    Originally posted by cacio
    All I have are two 10/12, then we slip to 8/12 matches. Must be a common situation of mediterranean people. We need to make more southern people test! (and mtdna is without matches too)

    I don't know, cacio, looking at the following figures:

    Portugal (302 testees), no near matches

    Italy (1477 testees), no near matches

    Spain (1459 testees) no near matches

    Belarus (297 testees), one near match (10/12)

    Hungary (501 testees) one near match (10/12)

    Poland (1448 testees) one near match (10/12)

    Israel (97 testees) one near match (10/12)


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      Hear, hear!

      Well, my paternal origin is Romanian going back at about 1820.

      I do have 4 matches at 12 markers, one pointing to Austria (German name), one to Scotland, the other two to the UK. Six other matches (GD=1) point to the UK. At 25 markers, I have a GD=2 with a guy with roots in the UK. The puzzling part is that in ysearch, my closest R1b1c9* haplotype match is GD=17 (on 67 markers), again pointing to the UK. Overall, I have not one single match with among the 320+ (although somehow that number dropped to 275, mysteriously) with anyone from Romania unless it's at 12 markers and GD=5, which really means nothing... If my Romanian roots are deep, I can only assume that the Romanian lineage pretty much died out, while a branch that arrived in Britain (perhaps during the times of the Roman Empire) spread quite well. Conversely, my Romanian roots are very recent and my origins are to be found in Western Europe. If these Western European roots were "planted" in Romania earlier, perhpas a major bottleneck could explain the lack of matches. Strange... On top of that, I belong to the Frisian group, while the Oppenheimer test finds strong links with SW Wales... Have mercy...