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ISOGG revision to E3b M78 V-Series SNPs 6/17/07

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  • ISOGG revision to E3b M78 V-Series SNPs 6/17/07

    ISOGG revised the E3b M78/V-series Haplogroup nomenclature to include additional designations given in Dr. Cruciani's 2006 & 2007 published studies.

    Of particular significance is the newly established E3b1a4 subclade designated by being derived (positive) for V-65 SNP.

    Also of note is the indication that V-13 and V-36 are considered to be equivalent.

    E3b1a M-78+ now has a total of nine additional SNP identified subdivisions - four of which are currently classified as "private".

    Also of interest is the fact that FTDNA is now testing for the full gamut of SNP's listed in the breakdown of M-78+ subclades.

    You can see the new ISOGG E3b Haplogroup page by clicking on :

    NOTE**** Be on the lookout for good news forthcoming from the E3b Project later this week! Until the official announcement my lips (and keyboard) are sealed.

    Bill Harvey
    co-admin for E3b Haplogroup Project