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    Here is a bigger picture of Mum...all comments welcome please about possible backgrounds of her US father.
    AbDNA score 89% European 11% East Asian (Native American 10% two times less likely)
    Euro score 65% Northern European (which includes Spain to DNAP), 12% Med and 22% South Asian.
    DNAT top match Buenos Aires, world match highest, Medittereanean,
    She has very high India and Indian tribal matches.
    Highest "Native American" match to Lumbee with 4.02 then Mexican (Chihuahua) 3.98 on extended report plus numerous Hispanic matches ranging from 15.67 to about 4.00.
    A few high India matches too.
    I've not done any tests yet. Mum yet to do Euro 2.0...does anyone think it's worth it?
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      Originally posted by rainbow
      If you at least know her fathers first name, that could be a big clue as to what her American fathers ancestry was.
      His first name we were told was Alex.


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        Hi Burto,
        Could be anything then. That name is popular. It's a Greek name, but is found in many European ethnic groups.
        There are 3 Alex's (Alexander) in my family tree.
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          Another aspect of DNA and phenotype:


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            The old phenotype thread. Here is a pic of my paternal grandmother. I don't know how to make it larger. If my 17% Native American is correct, then she must be about 68%, more or less. That's because my mom has zero, and my father's father was Czech.


            I have a few pics of my paternal grandmother.
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              Attempting Gram's Photo Attachment

              Hi Folks,

              My lesson plans are written for the next 2 weeks, so I thought I'd give a try at attaching Gram's photo. This was a photo of her for her 101st birthday, celebrated on January 21, 2006. I'm not sure if this is going to work, so I may be asking for advice on how to upload a picture soon.

              As a background reminder, her ABDNA 2.5 was 82% SSA and 18% IE, but she responded, "I don't care what any test says, I do have Indian in me." Somewhere in the archives are her unusual DNA Tribes results that were more Asian and East Indian than African. I'll try and get permission from my nephew to post a pic of his son & Gram (the 5 generation spread). His son is 1/8 Chinese and that didn't show up in his results either.


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                Didn't Work

                Okay, all advice welcomed. I think my little old machine couldn't handle being asked to upload something. When I try again, should the attachment be seen in the post preview?



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                  Trying a smaller image

                  Perhaps the other image was too large. I attempted a smaller one, but I think the dial up connection is too slow for the alloted 30 seconds, so you can see Gram at



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                    She looks 60's-70's.


                    I can't beleive your grandmother was 101 years old. My daughter guessed maybe late 60's! I said middle 70's. Wow! Nature was kind to her. I read your private message and thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.



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                      Great Smile!


                      Thanks for posting this, it is a pleasure to view her smiling face.

                      The spontaneous reaction from Maureen as she entered the office: "Now there's a Native American face!"


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                        Nice photograph Sonia . . .