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    Total Composition

    Actually it was my autosomals that told me all of those percentages,not the maternal Haplogrp.analysis. Maybe the India part can from my paternal side which would show up on my total DNA analysis,but not on the mt DNA side,but I do think my mt K matches have the Hispanic blood I mentioned,even on the Mtdna sheet that explained it,it showed that some Mt K's had Mediterranean blood,about 2 out of 13 of them.


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      The fraction of Americans that trace their origins back to the Mayflower or Jamestown, etc., don't seem interested in calling themselves anything but Americans. My own family wasn't interested in their distant roots (especially my maternal side) - which drove me up the wall when I wanted to know what those roots were.


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        What ID could do for me

        Originally posted by juan carlos
        What I mean is hispanics can be fully Caucasian or mestizo, or black or mulatto. A hispanic can also be of mixed German-Spanish ancestry or he could be of Syrian-Lebanese ancestry. As long as his culture is hispanic, his language Spanish etc. he is listed as hispanic in the US census. Regardless of phenotype or genotype. Of course, millions of people in Latin America are of mixed European-Native American ancestry. The mixture varies from country to country and within the same country. Many others are mostly of Spanish or other ancestries. It is a very diverse population. I know most Mexicans are mixed, but don't know how much is European and how much NA. Most Mexicans do have a European Y dna and a NA Mtdna. The same of other Hispanic nations.

        Hispanics are also asked to state which race they consider themselves to be, even after marking Yes for Hispanic. So being hispanic is no escape from racial classification or from experiencing what you experience.

        Also, how would that proposed ID plan help you with your own identity?
        The ID, if using genes,could clarify,who I am,and have been,once and for all,without all the nerve-wracking guessing ,and tossing my identity all around the globe-this way I could be professionally associated with the group I'm from or the one I match most closely.It's respect to be identified accurately.(Pardon my spelling -if it's wrong)


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          Why are people fixated on what to put on the census? The census was designed to to classify people by race,color of thir skin and what you look most like to other people. I don't think it sould ever matter what you look like to " Other People" on the outside. What matters is that you know who you are inside. I think everyone should check off "Other" and reply Human Race.


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            Its only....

            No disrepect to anyone, but it is only my perception of who I am, that matters. Not what other people beleive me to be. Now I can say, if I want, I have Potowomecke and European heritage.



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              Originally posted by Yaffa
              What matters is that you know who you are inside. I think everyone should check off "Other" and reply Human Race.
              Well said I agree totally!


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                Ethnicity is a very vague word.

                Originally Posted by Jambalaia32
                ...........everyone is an American,sort of. The Census is suppossed to record which race and ethnicity lives here,and where at. (North)America is a continent,not a race and ethnicity.

                1.USA is an administrative national entity, as are all the nation-states named on the atlas as such. There has been, each time, confusion on what the Census is supposed to accomplish.

                2.These State entities have various claims of a Justification For Existing. (JFE)
                (Like "racial", cultural, economic, military, linguistic, religious.)
                The Justification for Existence of the USA is stated in two documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. You could say that is a *cultural* justification.

                3.The emergence of the individual DNA print shows that the justification for a State is rarely genetic, and perhaps never was.
                Compare the JFE's of USA with Singapore, Israel, Kurdistan, France, Germany, Spain, and other States waiting to be born , like "Kurdia", "Basqueia", "Shiastan",
                "AmericanSouthernBaptistia" and you will see Homo Sapiens at his/her usual unsapient and confused reasoning.

                4.I am happy in my own unique total identity, and from DNA enjoy knowing in what places the ancestors who composed it, lived for a while after emerging from Africa.


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                  BBC article...

                  Here's some interesting entertainment:


                  Lots of room for discussion there, ha ha!


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                    Originally posted by PDHOTLEN
                    Here's some interesting entertainment:


                    Lots of room for discussion there, ha ha!
                    That is hilarious!

                    Does this guy have a PHD in cheesy Sci-Fi or has he spent too much time on Teen-Rated video games?

                    Thanks for posting a good laugh.


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                      The split has already happened.

                      Ignoring (only partly) the postulated physical differences, the split has already developed in USA at the mental level.
                      Most users of computer games, sometimes even of computers, are psychosocially functioning at no higher level than Lower Paleolithics bashing open a coconut with the nearest unworked stone. Goes for car drivers also, in many cases.
                      Nice research project waiting for sociobiologists: correlating DNA, obesity, and IQ.