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    Originally posted by Joe McCulloch
    How many people in this group have family history that speaks of Native American ancestory but after having DNA Print find that they are of East Asian decent?
    Wow this is an old thread. From 2003?

    My situation is different. I expected either 100% European, or 97%-98% European & 2%-3% East Asian. I wanted to know if I had Mongolian or Hun on my fathers side. He is half Czech on his fathers side, and his other half, from his mothers side, is Colonial American from Dutch, English, Scottish, French, and German. I had read that Eastern Europeans get 10% East Asian in their results. A quarter of that would be 2% to 3%.
    My result was 83% European & 17% Native American. Totally unexpected and a total mystery. Later on my mom tested and got ZERO Native American. That means my father would have to be about 34% Native American. I have no known Native American ancestry on his side. It must be from my fathers mother. It's either that or I have a whole lotta "Central Asian" in the Slavic part. Ancestry By Dna told me in an email that their Native American markers coincide with Central Asian markers.