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    Rogers families,

    I need some help, it seems that very few rogers family members that do genealogy only know one way to find lost ancestors and the right family tree line, so I was wondering who are all of you related to. It seems that with all of the tens of thousands of Rogers kin just here in the United States, that are trying to find family lines, just ***** and moan that they have hit a brick wall and cant find any more information about their ancestors.

    Well I am in the same predicament, so I did something about it, but find I am in the same place as before but this time I put my DNA to work in the hopes of finding some of my ancestors, but I guess the Rogers families here in the United States don't want to know who were their ancestors.

    I have had 67 markers tested and certified as you can see below. I had this done through FamilyTree DNA test site ( ). When I first started this I had high hopes of finding kin who are related to my grandfather and my aunt, well I did the 12 markers first, and after a long wait and weeks later I got a couple hits, and got excited to have a couple matches.

    After about three weeks I wrote to these individuals and asked for information on their Rogers family and sent them a summary of my family ancestors, but never did get a reply from them.

    I credited it to people who just didn't give a dammed, so I have trudged along and continued get more markers tested (67 markers so far) and have picked up several other people who matched my 12 markers, and a lot of one off on my 12 markers. I then do searches through Y-Search and get all kinds of hits, but I guess they don't mean much, because I have never been contacted by any of them.

    So, after a couple of years of praying and hoping to find blood relatives connected to my grandfather and aunt through this DNA test tracing has been a dud, I have gotten nothing out of this, but a lighter wallet and no leads.

    If their are cousins out there that might be a direct kin to my grandfather (Joseph Plummer Rogers, b: 16 Feb,1883, d: unk ) or my Aunt Lela B. Rogers, b: Oct, 1916, d: unk) contact me. I myself don't have that many years left, due to my health, and would like to have this done for my family before I pass on.

    Any of you cousins out there who have taken the DNA swab test, and never posted you results, please do so we can make the connections. If anyone has any knowledge of my grandfather and aunt, please contact me. Thanks for your time.

    Ken Rogers, Sr
    [email protected]

    Haplogroup and Tests

    R1b1c (Tested 67 markers) (P25+)

    M173+ M207+ M269+ M343+ P25+ M126- M153- M160- M18- M222- M37- M65- M73- P66- SRY2627-

    Locus DYS# Alleles

    1 393 13

    2 390 26

    3 19* 14

    4 391 11

    5 385a 11

    6 385b 14

    7 426 12

    8 388 12

    9 439 13

    10 389-1 13

    11 392 13

    12 389-2 29

    13 458 20

    14 459a 9

    15 459b 10

    16 455 11

    17 454 11

    18 447 25

    19 437 14

    20 448 19

    21 449 30

    22 464a** 13

    23 464b** 15

    24 464c** 16

    25 464d** 16

    26 460 11

    27 GATA H4 11

    28 YCA II a 19

    29 YCA II b 23

    30 456 16

    31 607 15

    32 576 19

    33 570 16

    34 CDY a 37

    35 CDY b 40

    36 442 12

    37 438 12

    38 531 12

    39 578 9

    40 395S1a 15

    41 395S1b 16

    42 590 8

    43 537 10

    44 641 10

    45 472 8

    46 406S1 10

    47 511 9

    48 425 12

    49 413a 23

    50 413b 25

    51 557 14

    52 594 10

    53 436 12

    54 490 12

    55 534 16

    56 450 8

    57 444 12

    58 481 29

    59 520 20

    60 446 13

    61 617 12

    62 568 11

    63 487 13

    64 572 11

    65 640 11

    66 492 12

    67 565 12

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    There are lots of reason why people don't reply to your messages. A few of them are good reasons. Then there are those people who have looked at your ancestor data and don't see a match, so they don't bother to reply. A lot of people don't have the word "courtesy" in their vocabulary.

    When you check for matches through FTDNA are you checking Rogers only or are you checking all surnames? Since you have tested on 67 markers I wouldn't even look at matches that weren't close on 37 markers. It is always possible that other members of your family haven't tested yet.

    This thing does work. Look at my messages in "Success Stories". I'm still waiting for it to work for me.


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      Hi Ken,

      Have you tried asking the Rogers families that you "think" you may have a connection with to test their yDNA. The ones that look really good, but you cant find that paper trail to.

      Are there Rogers family in the same regional area as your family that have tested, or will be willing to test. You may have to offer to go halves on paymet.

      I find that if you try to get those family to test, you may get your matches. Like any other genealogy tool, you need a statergy.
      Just waiting for someone to test and hopefully match you may be a long wait.
      Dont forget all the variants of the name aswell.

      Have you posted a similar message on the Rogers message boards, mailing lists etc... maybe a little more enticing in language.


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        I don't have any Rogers in my line, not recently at least. I feel the same way. If you're going to bother to get tested, then try bothering to get your family tree out there. On my mtDNA matches site, I've posted mine. I just put surnames only with family members who are still living.
        It's not that hard to send an email saying "I don't think we're related."
        Of course it helps if the person has the correct email address posted.