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Is it really "Junk" DNA?

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  • Is it really "Junk" DNA?

    I haven't read this entire article yet, but the main message seems to be that what we once thought was junk DNA, may have some purpose after all:

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    i just read it. thanks for posting it.

    I will say that I don't believe in 'junk dna'. I believe that everything in our dna is there for a reason, has a purpose. it just hasn't been figured out yet. I also believe that someday scientists will be able to tell us precisely about all our ancestors, not just the last 200 years, and not just the mtdna & ydna. I think that every thing that seems random and meaningless actually has a meaning.


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      I agree with everything you say, and can't wait for all of the cool stuff we will be able to be to know about our DNA and ancestors...

      The main reason I posted the article is that FTDNA is claiming that the DNA they sequence is "junk." I wonder how long they will be able to claim that. Of course, I hope that possible privacy issues do not hinder all of our efforts - I find all of this research to be fascinating!