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    I just finished reading "The Real Eve" by Stephen Oppenheimer and it was an excellent book. I would and do recommend it to all that are interested in this subject. A few questions popped up as I read the book however and was hoping someone here could clear these up for me.
    First, at the top of page 151 he call (J) Jahangir a "grandson" and not a son of (S) Seth and later on the same page calls (K) Krishna "the most prolific of Seth's five genetic sons." Aren't the five? (G, H, I, J, K)
    Then on page 239 he states "that three of Seth's sons were responsible for colonization of India, Europe, the Middle East and Mediterranean lands." I got (I) Inos and (J) Jahangir (if he is a son and not a grandson) but I am fuzzy on which is the third. It's not (K) Krishna so is it G or H ? Also on the same page it also says "all four of his first generation sons" and as above I thought there were five. Maybe I'm missing something simple here.
    Now on page 253 he calls mtDNA groups A, C and Z North Asian and out of note #33 on pages 409-411 I got that C, Z,and X were North Asian and that A, B and F were South Asian with D, E and G were called other. So my question is; Is "A" North Asian or South Asian ? This was a large note and I might have gotten confused somewhat.
    And lastly, on page 327 he states that "over 90 per cent of all modern Native American Y chromosomes derive from one North Eurasian line, Polo". Then on page 329 states that "Ruslan... is found among Native Americans at a rate of 12 per cent" and on page 330 states that "Quetzalcoatl and his sons account for 64 per cent of American Y chromosomes". This totals 76 per cent and not over 90 per cent. As Ruslan and Quetzalcoatl are the only sons of Polo I was wondering where the other 14+ per cent figures in.
    Please don't take my questions as putting down the book in any way. It was well written and I do still "highly" recommend it to anyone with a serious interest in this subject. Just trying to clear up questions in my mind.
    Thank you,
    Don Potter

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    Here is a serious study of mtDNA:

    You can also search this journal:

    Best of all they wont try and charge you money like "science now" or "nature" or "Scientific American."

    The top article made my head spin like a top, but it is a worthy read.


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      Book/The Real Eve

      Thank you for the sites.
      Don Potter