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Testing with 2 deceased parents?

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  • Testing with 2 deceased parents?

    Short version of my story, well as short as possible.

    My mom passed away in 1985. Shortly after her death I found out that the man who raised me was not my biological father. I have finally started searching recently for my bf. I found a family who said that my mother told one of their brothers that she was pregnant with his child. Well, there is no way to verify this that I know of since he died in Vietnam.

    Potential biological father's parents are both deceased. He does have six living siblings, three brothers, three sisters. Is it possible to test with just me and one of bf siblings? If not, I don't think I'll ever know the truth.

    Thanks for any help provided!


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    Stacey, have you gotten a copy of your birth certificate? Who does it name there? If it's not the man who raised you it could be your bf. You also might want to look at your birth records at the hospital...and ask relatives, someone might know something.

    DNA testing such as on FTdna probably won't be able to asnwer paternity questions especially since you are female and you're looking for your father.

    I went through the same thing except I was looking for my father and had testing done with 3 daughters of a man we thought was my father. I used a paternity testing center. They told me that I would need at least 3 children of the father to test against me. I had the testing done, he wasn't my father, and he also wasn't the father of one of the 3 girls.

    Good luck...Debbie