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Please help - how to be sure if a child is mine

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  • Please help - how to be sure if a child is mine

    I have a son born in september - and I want to do the best by him but I am not absolutely sure he is mine - he is 8 weeks old his coloring is very different from mine - his eyes are blue, mine and my whole family is brown - his mothers are brown - his hair is showing fair and his mothers and mine are dark - are there any sites i can go to that can help me with information of what common physical attributes can usually be seen from birth - I will have a proper DNA test done at some stage, because I want visitation to my son and be an active parent. I just have a niggling doubt that he mightr not be my child - can anyone please point me in the right direction.
    thank you in advance for any assistance and responses to this request !

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    There are services that specializein paternity testing which you should seek out. However, before you psychologically abandon this child because he doesn't look like you (1) most newborn caucasian babies have blue eyes for a while (2) the child can resemble ancestors other than parents. My brown eyed, brown haired exhusband and I (hazel eyes, dark brown hair) produced a blue eyed redhead, a black eyed black haired child and an auburn haired brown eyed child. Each child was the spitting image of a grandparent, not of either of us. Two of those children, married to fair men, produced blond or red haired children with blue eyes. So go ahead and get tested, but don't base your feelings on external resemblances.