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FGA and D21S11

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  • FGA and D21S11

    I was looking back through old posting and I came across a posting about Allele Frequency Distribution Tables and it listed FGA and D21S11. The site is www. Since these markers are autosomal (which is a combination of both of your parents)you have a copy from each parent. It had data for both FGA and D21S11. For FGA it goes from 13-46.2, for D21S11 it goes from 24-36. My FGA is 19/21. When I put in my results from my markers I get Aboriginals British Columbia, Canada at 0.203 for 19. Then I get Caucasian Britain at 0.187 for 21. My D21S11 is 32/32.2. When I put my results in for this marker I get Chinesse, Singapore at 0.050 for 32. I get Aboriginals British Columbia, CA at 0.255. Too bad they only did those 2 that I know of. So my results consist of 2 Aboriginals British Columbia, Canada, 1 Chinesse Singapore and 1 Caucasian, Britian. Just thought that it was interesting. I have been trying to figure out which ones were Native and which were European.