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Impossible R1b Mutation?

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  • Impossible R1b Mutation?

    My husband just had his Y-chromosome sequenced under the auspices of the Genographic Project. Unsurprisingly, he belongs to Haplogroup R1b. I would've been shocked if he'd been anything else, given what I know of his heritage.

    That being said, there seems to be something weird about his results. Specifically, the STR outcome (is that right?) value for his 389-2 locus is 17. Y-search will not even let me enter this value, and I've seen nothing close to it anywhere else. I would be inclined to think this was an error, but my husband has a ton of (allegedly) exact matches in the FTDNA database.

    I have reason to believe that his 389-1 value of 12 is also relatively unusual.

    Can anyone shed any light of this? Is a 17 STR value for 389-2 impossible, or just really, really rare? I'm confused!

    Thanks in advance,

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    confusingly, in some search engines you have to enter the sum of 389-1 and 389-2, that is

    The easiest thing would be to upload your results from the genographic project to FTDNA, and then upload them from FTDNA to ysearch. This way, they are uploaded automatically and all these issues are taken care of. I've done it a long time ago, so I forget where they are, but I recall there being buttons to click both on the genographic project and on ftdna.

    If you then post your ysearch entry here, I am sure there will be many people commenting on your R1b. (though not me, I'm not R1b)



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      Thanks for the rapid reply, cacio! I'll work with my husband to get his results uploaded to Y-search via FTDNA. Earlier I didn't want to annoy him too much by trying to "drive" from his computer, so I just took a printout and played with Y-search on my laptop. (Now I've annoyed the entire forum instead! )

      This is sooooo different from comparing mtDNA results -- it's giving me a headache.

      Thanks again,


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        Cacio gave you the correct answer for why you thought 389-2 is a rare mutation. However, you're right about your husband's 389-1=12 result being rare for an R1b. If you take a look at this page - - you'll see that out of 6,600 R1b haplotypes on ysearch, only 381 have 389-1=12. That's only about 6%, with the overwhelming value for that marker being 13.

        You should definitely upload your results to FTDNA and, from there, to ysearch. Then it will be easier for you and others to search for close results and compare them. That may give you some idea about geographic origin of your husband's paternal line, beyond what you know already.

        Mike Maddi