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    Originally posted by MMaddi
    Well, first of all he is not an R1b, right? I say that because my understanding is that an R1b would have one or at most two of his 464x markers as a g in the 464x test. Take a look at your results. You'll see that you have only one g allele in this test.

    I think based on his values for these markers that your stepfather is in the I haplogroup, since they seem to have around 14 for the 464x markers. I think it's probable that he has had at least one and possibly 2-3 recLOH events on 464, since all his values are 14.

    Although you now know that there was probably at least one recLOH on 464, the 464x test is most useful for an R1b. That's because a recLOH there is much more noticeable since it might have a c allele overwrite the g one or the g one overwrite a c one. If you see an R1b with all 4 multi-copy markers at 464 having the c or 2 of the 4 having a g, that's a dead giveaway that there was a recLOH.
    My stepfather is I1c according to a FTDNA SNP test. Most of his multicopy markers have the same value. His Ysearch ID is 342ZM.