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Musings on haplotypes and neanderthals

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  • Musings on haplotypes and neanderthals

    I noticed that there are now over 7,000 dinstinct 12 marker haplotypes now. Is it possible that one of those haplotypes represents a direct connection with neanderthals or another archaic group through the mtdna? Or maybe some really far out y-dna that couldn't be descended from the y-chromosome-adam that's said to be 60,000 - 100,000 years old? Wouldn't that napalm the replacement theory?! :-D. Family Tree DNA seems to be in the place to find it if it's out there. If it ever happens, it would be a front-page Nature feature.
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    Neanderthal mtDNA has been tested, and it has been determined that it is too distant from modern humans to be the same species. No modern human has ever been discovered to have Neanderthal DNA.