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  • DNA 12 Marker Test

    Does anyone know which of the 25 DNA markers they use on a 12 marker test ?

    It would be helpful, if Family Tree could post the country of origin along with your surname matches.


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    On the Family Tree DNA site, under FTDNA Y markers, the first 12 markers in the list are the ones tested by the 12-marker test.
    By the way, I am not sure exactly why these particular 12 were selected first, it may be related to which markers were used by Cambridge, but the first twelve are just that. The second thirteen, are just 13 more. Max, correct me if I am wrong about this. The more you match, the more recent a common ancestor. The less you match, the less likely a recent common ancestor. The 25 marker test is more precise, but many surname project participants object to the higher price, and if the 12 marker match indicates a relationship that is also supported by genealogical research, 12 markers may be sufficient.


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      Thank you for the information.

      The reason I asked is that I am also participating in the Scottish Clans and Decendants DNA Website (Rootsweb) and they list the
      Loci Designations in numerical order (ie. 390, 391, 392, 393, etc.)
      for comparison purposes.

      Note: this is a free service open to all who have taken a Y-DNA test. You may wish to recommend this service to our members.
      They have Y-DNA samples listed for several Clans and have many
      well known Scottish surnames.

      Robert Donabie