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    Hi everyone, since i last posted here i have found my dads biological family(he was adopted at 3 mths old) i have found 3 half siblings and an auntie from his mothers side ...which test would determine that they are his mothers determine that we have found the correct people? they have welcomed him with open arms and everyone is very happy but i think dad would like to know without doubt that they are his half siblings..he has 2 brothers and one sister..which test would be best and who should take it? thanks ..

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    If your father already has MtDNA results you could just have the newfound family do the same. MtDNA seems appropriate as the rediscovered relatives seem to be maternal.

    Alternatively, or in addition, you could go through a paternity testing outfit with family reconstruction expertise. They would test markers on both on both sides of the family and give you a likelihood estimate as to whether the found family is your own.

    You could do it all through FTDNA. You might contact Thomas Krahn at FTDNA (formerly of DNA-Fingerprint) and set the problem before him. He has family reconstruction experience.
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      If you want to do the autosomal testing through FTDNA, you must already have either an Mt or Y sample/result with/from FTDNA. Autosomal tests are Advanced Tests as described on your Personal Page at FTDNA. That rule may change in the future but, at present, Advanced Tests from FTDNA are only available to returning FTDNA customers.