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  • Question for History Experts

    Would anyone like to comment on how the Thirty Years War would have affected the DNA dispersion in Europe, (Y or Mt.)

    It seems that this event would be very significant in analyzing European DNA geographical patterns.

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    Just like any war, there will always be refugees. As far as the extent of such during the Thirty Years War, it's hard to say. I think we could be facing such a large uphill battle with determining the spread of historic/ancient cultures and tie that to a particular DNA due to the very migatory nature of modern humans over the past 160,000 years plus. I was wondering why Spencer Wells was freaking out over the dilution of DNA so to speak. It makes sense now. We may not be from where we think, and wars have been going on well long before recorded history. I think the mesolithic cave art in Iberia gives us a good indication of such activity. People get displaced by wars and natural disasters and spread of peoples becomes such an issue that makes tracing particular groups of people/DNA back to its origins could make it virtually impossible. We need a time machine to get us to what really happened. I'll buy the flux capacitor.


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      To what cave art are you referring?