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389-2 Y-DNA mutation

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  • 389-2 Y-DNA mutation

    The twelfth marker value in my Surname Project is a "28" for some participants and a "29" for others; their first eleven markers are identical.

    Are those with a "29" marker automatically descendants of the same common ancestor (the first one who had the "29" marker in a particular paternal line)?

    Alternately, can two participants whose fathers were brothers, cousins or uncle/nephew both have a "28" marker have a "29" marker at 389-2?

    Any reply will be appreciated.

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    Since it's a surname study, there's probably a good chance that there was someone along that paternal line who had the mutation from 28 to 29 or vice versa; and that those in the project with what seems to be the mutation descend from the common ancestor with the mutation and the rest descend from the main branch of the paternal line which didn't have the mutation.

    In any event, even people with the same surname who match 11/12 markers should upgrade to 37 markers. You really can't be sure of anything in a genealogical timeframe with only 12 markers. For instance, suppose you go to 37 markers and compare two people with 28 with two people with 29 and one of the people with 28 is closer to the two with 29, at 37 markers. Then you can see that the two with 28 may not be in the same branch, even though at 12 markers it seems that way.

    The point is that 12 markers is not enough to tell anything with high probability, approaching certainty.



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      Thank you for the quick reply.

      I have a working paper trail for all but one of the 29s in our project.

      It would help to know whether it's reasonable to expect his line to fall under the earliest 29 or if he could descend from any of the many 28s.

      More markers have been ordered, but the process takes time....