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28 Markers Instead of 25?

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  • 28 Markers Instead of 25?

    I submitted my uncle's DNA for testing and when his results were returned, 28 Y-DNA markers instead of 25 appeared. I submitted a question a couple of weeks ago to one of the individuals listed in the contact list for interpretation of results, but received no response. I read all the supporting documentation, and either there is no info on this situation, or I missed it. I finally did a search on the internet, and found this explanation on someone's personal webpage,

    " Two reporting changes have been implemented for Markers 464a-d. Markers 464a-d are copies found at different locations on the Y chromosome. In about 1% of the test subjects, more than 4 copies will be present, representing Markers 464e, 464f, 464g, etc. If those additional Markers are found, they are now shown on the individual's Y-DNA DYS Values page "

    Can a representative from Family Tree DNA please respond as to whether this is correct info, and if the 28 markers have any implications, besides an individual simply having "extra" DNA?