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Here we go again: Neanderthals and Humans

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  • Arch Yeomans
    So easy even a caveman can figure it out

    I wouldn't find that hard to believe. I don't think we'd have the capability to destroy all the Neandertals (we give ourselves way too much credit for being so dominating). I would think it would take a long time, genetic decay and as well change of environment that would have caused the extinction, and I am no way going to say that absorption of Neandertals did not occur. Looking at some of the guys I work with and my ex mother-in-law only further proves it.

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  • HapJ1
    started a topic Here we go again: Neanderthals and Humans

    Here we go again: Neanderthals and Humans


    Skull suggests possible human-Neanderthal interbreeding

    WASHINGTON (AP) - An old skull is raising new questions about
    early humans.
    The skull was found in a cave in Romania and is said to be at
    least 35-thousand years old.
    So what's so remarkable about it? It has both early modern human
    and Neanderthal characteristics, adding to the debate over whether
    the two species interbred.
    Most researchers doubt it, but one of the study's co-authors
    says the skull definitely raises questions about evolutionary
    The skull could very well be evidence of interbreeding, says one
    expert. Or it could mean that ancient features showed up in early
    modern humans.
    Or, the experts says, it could simply suggest that scientists
    haven't studied early modern people enough to grasp their
    A report on the skull appears in tomorrow's edition of
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.