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How to Read Markers.

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  • How to Read Markers.

    I have been scanning the posts and other information in books et al. I have seen that for example, that some people, based on their results, have evaluated their own ethnicity, even breaking it down to percentages. How is this possible? I have also noticed that, for example again, Dr. McEwan's R1B project is basically lumping like scores into geographic locations- is this based on the participant's paper trail? Or are there markers that denote geographic location? Also,how do you define a fast moving marker (once every hundred years? Twice?) and which ones are they? I have some odd values at certain markers which go against R1B,but the majority of my markers fit in nicely with that haplogroup.

    I am looking to participate in EA's snp,but uncertain of how it all works. They (Dr. McEwan as well as Gianpiero) have both indicated that my haplogroup is not easily defined and have recommended that I do a full haploview first then move on from there.



    YSearch- 9epze