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  • Comment: All DNA adds up to something

    When I first came to FamilyTree I was like the only one majorly interested in knowing my female Dna.I don't mind,hate or discredit the males(like they try to act like),but I figured that one side is as reliable as the other,when speaking of determining ancestry.The scientists feel the same way,that's why they use maternal Dna,which is unchanging,to identify the long dead ...and the FBI uses it also. 12,000 yr.old Cheddar man AND 5,000 yr.old Oetzi were both identified by their Mitochrondrial (maternal) Dna,as you already know;and there is a good deal of validation from it because they don't call either of them Indian,or Chinese haplotype and me neither,for that matter. So maternal Dna ain't all fluke-y like it's dissed (disregarded-modern street talk,but often said) up to be. It's real and reliable,like half a sandwich,which is usually a marker of how the other half a sandwich is,duh, at least that's what I figured. I'd get all the testing ,if I had all the money and power in the world....well maybe I'll just settle for half of it,ha ha.

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    No cuckholding with mtDNA

    What is obviously superior with mitochondrial DNA is that there is no chance of a "non-paternity event." It doesn't matter who the father was.