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FTDNATiP, Y-Matches, setup

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  • efgen
    FTDNA doesn't provide the capability to do customized searches/comparisons in their database. However, they have provided you with names and email addresses of your matches, so you can always email your matches to discuss details.

    You can also upload your results to Ysearch (from your Y-DNA Matches tab) and do the type of searches/comparisons that you are interested in. The downside is that participation in Ysearch is voluntary, so you probably won't find all your matches there. The upside is that you may find matches who tested with companies other than FTDNA.

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  • JC399
    started a topic FTDNATiP, Y-Matches, setup

    FTDNATiP, Y-Matches, setup

    The way FTDNATiP is setup is very awkward for a normal user such as myself. It's nice I can click the little icon and see the report, but what if I want to compare with someone who isn't displayed? Is there any way to do this?

    The other thing is they only show you certain matches at certain distances. Is there any way to see people at a distance "I" specify? For me this is very confusing because when I look at my matches at 67 markers I often can't see how far they are back at 37 for the reason they are too distant to be displayed. For example I have 6 matches at 67 markers and I can't see any of them at 37. One of them I can't even see at 37, 25, or 12. That makes it very hard to see what's happening. Furthermore, I can't even see their DNA signature so I can't count the mutations manually. How can I change this?
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