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Need input on latest results/match

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  • Need input on latest results/match

    I have recently completed the 67 marker test (Ysearch ID=GUASE)(FtDNA# N20262)
    My haplogroup was predicted by National Geographic as I* and the haplocalculator predicts my group as I1A. P19 is positive and M170 is positive.

    I’ve just submitted a sample to DNAtribes for an autosomal test (extended match) and have ordered a deep SNP test from FtDNA.

    I have several matches with Ysearch and Ftdna’s database but no others that I am aware of. The closest match is a 25/25 and 34/37 with a surname of Pidcock. Two of the mismatches on the 37 match are fast mutating markers with the 37 marker being the only slow marker mismatch.

    I know next to nothing compared to some of the posters here in regards to evaluating my results and was hoping that some of you experts could take a look see and tell me how significant is this match or the matches I have?

    Also, I’m willing to pay anthing or take any test that will further my quest for information. Any recommendations as to what else I can do or be on the lookout for?

    Finally, Are there any other databases that I should consider other than Ybase, SMGF, YHRD?

    Any comments or hints would be helpful. Thanks

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    I don't know much about I. A deep test is also offered by ethnoancestry, I don't know how it relates to FTDNA. But you can check here: