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R1b1c - Please help! Looking for Origin

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    R1b1c -Please help! Looking for Origin

    I can't help with deep haplogroup questions but got a ton of Maguire/McGuire information back to about 1270 a.d. from a very knowledgeable McGuire. I would forward that information to you if you wanted it. On the other hand, if you are William McGuire, you already have it in spades.


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      Celts/Kelts in Germany

      When I was stationed in Augsburg, Germany, I bought a hiking map of the area and found places on the map where Keltic grave mounds were located. I drove out to see one of the sites, and sure enough there were several large earthen mounds scattered about.

      I wonder if German scientists have found Keltic DNA in those graves. And if so, could FTDNA get access to the results. I don't mind if it is written in German. That should be easy ennough to have translated, and I have some experience with German myself.
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