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    I'm having a tough time finding sufficient data of haplogroup phylogeographic maps. I have a few, such as haplogroup I, but not much for the haplogroups R1b1* and R1a1*. I do have the IMH R1b1c7 phylogeographic map, I think that's the only R1b1* map I could locate. With as much studies they have done on the Basque and still continuing to do so, you'd think there would be more information than on the Irish folk. SRY2627 is stated to be highest in the Catalan speaking regions and Basque country. I'd like to identify where the two regions converge (if they do converge) with the highest SRY2627 population density. So far I'm stuck in the Ebro River Basin from Tarragona, Catalonia, and to Liebana Valley and Pas Valley, Cantabria. My only guess right now is to attempt making intersect lines between Zaragoza, Pamplona, and Vitoria. Not sure if I should bother with Santander, Donostia, Bayonne or Bilbo.

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    Whats the record?

    All these long extended haplogroups makes my head spin. I am H1a1. But I have seen it extended to 7 places so far, forgot where. Made up example: H1a1b2a. Wow. Wonder if 7 is the record?