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Where's my R1b1 Man??

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  • Where's my R1b1 Man??

    Female K and Male R1b1 together forever? Most Y-R1b1's I've reviewed are married to Mt-K women. How are you suppossed to know which nut is Y-R1b1? Unless he wears it on the outside- and it helps if they all live nearby too! (so you can easily spot them) This is common,common sense.

    I need him to be similar age and interests too. But exceptions can be made if there is total regard for one another. I can hook up with a 70 yr. old geezer. I guess. ( esp. if he's loaded$$$$$-an I think they are )

    I'd like 'em for contact male buddies too-not just love-I'mean some people don't even want to get married,but they still have contacts with the males in their race /ethnicity(at work,church,school,you know they mingle together)

    They owe me-I thought why don't the Gov. MAKE them sit w/ me sort of like a war draft.
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    Your R1b1 Mystery Date

    You know Dr. Phil has a date matching service.... I'd ask him to have his male clients release their haplogroup information (obviously they have to consent to submit cheek swab samples too)


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      Dating by Haplogroup.

      Hey, that could be a new untapped market! Dating by Haplogroup! Why not! They have dating groups for other categories.


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        I second the motion Maria_W. I was thinking the same thing the other day. Why not? I'm certain there are those out there whom prefer to "HAPpen to DATE."


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          Those are all nice ideas-I'm sure one day they'll advance to Haplo dating;I don't think it's a sure thing,but it's a positive option. And if you don't find one of yours ,you may find someone else you like;you could give both a try. Many people HAPen to come across each other naturally-because they live near one another or mingle daily. I sort met a guy who might of been ,when I went to an ofiice to work years ago,and that was arranged by my uncle,sort of like patriarchal arrangement-not negative ,but the guys have the connections,and some power,and other men regard them.They can sometimes set you up,sort of like the fathers do in India.