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Which Haplogr. is FT founder B. Greenspan?

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    Maybe different needs/cliquey picky

    A's, I thought need to intergrate their systems and B's look to segregate or need things that do particular things for a specific organ like stomach or pancreas.A's and B's are like opposites,though I don't find any hostility esp. on the B's part. A is like a generalization,B has special needs,O is nice but vague ,meaning nothing in particular to me at all,AB is like a nice inbetween White,I always thought. Many people don't like you if you can't do everything they are doing.I'm not sure why the B's weren't liked in Christiano's study.I don't have the answers to everything,but maybe one day we'll know the answer to everything. Many regular folks don't like lots of people(cliquey picky),if their ankles or whole bodies aren't shapped right,or they don't fold their napkins a certain way,or they don't descend from a line of monks,or something I'd not necessarily notice.Maybe THEIR blood is different. A CLIQUE IS A GROUP HELD TOGETHER BY COMMON INTERESTS,VIEWS,OR PURPOSES.It's right to have preferences,but there are picky and clique-y people out there,seeking to dismiss you before they know you. But Japanes studies say people act like their bloodtype.


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      Originally posted by Jambalaia32
      Are Mt-K's annoying as well? It would be nice to know how many of each Haplogrp.are Type O,A B,and AB,to see if all our haplogrp.folk are our bloodtypes also.TypeB maybe more picky,since proteins lectins in many foods make us avoid them,and B's are independent.As a B most people treat me very kindly and sympatheticly(at the Red Cross) on the phone.I thought A was normal,and B was like an Arab or something,but they're kooky(offbeat),and I'm not and suppossedly German.O blood I began to affiliate with SouthAmericans since so many were.And AB I'm not familiar with at all,so I don't know 'bout that one.
      Well the mtdna comes from your mom's side and my mom is blood type O, so my blood type B must come from my dad's side. I don't know what his mother's mtdna was.