I will call it New Year's wishes as I can't really resolve to do something if it is not feasable.

For 2006 I had resolved to get involved with DNA to augment my paper genealogy.I did that..

I still want to find out about my Dad's Carrow line.My XSTR results should tell me some of that..or so Thomas Krahn has said.He also said it may take a year to have clarity on what XSTR's mean as it is a new test.

I do plan to work very hard to find what my XSTR's mean.
I also will work hard to grow my Carrow surname group.

I hope to attempt to extract some of Dad's DNA from his old hat he gave me..anything that I could get from it would be a plus.

Any one have any ideas or know about that?
Or any 2007 plans of their own??